Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show 14 - 15 October 2016
Tishinka exhibition centre
Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1,
building 1
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Moscow Overseas
Property & Investment Show
14 October 12:00 - 19:00
15 October 11:00 - 19:00
14-15 October 2016

Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show

We look forward to meeting you at the Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show at Tishinka exhibition centre, Tishinskaya sq. 1, building 1, map

14 October – 12:00 – 19:00 and 15 October – 11:00 – 19:00

or visit the exhibition free of charge!


The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show is an original project of aiGroup, rather relevant in times of the world economic crisis. When both corporate and private investors are racking their brain over proper investment instruments, the review of overseas property markets and information on prospective investment bids are in particular demand. From this perspective the idea of an investment show, successfully tried in autumn 2007 and since then held twice a year in March and October, appears a timely initiative.

The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show gathers leading overseas property experts. Developers, real estate agents and brokers, banks and management companies will present their best projects, high-quality analytics and economic forecasts. The investment show offers its visitors a chance to obtain professional advice on most lucrative investments and learn about up-to-date methods of asset management and capital appreciation. Most diverse property bids from 25 countries will be introduced at the show by more than 80 companies.

Experts point out that in times of instability many private and corporate investors look for new ways of capital management and often turn their eyes to international property markets. This is why real estate investments abroad were made the main theme of this show. It should be noted that the Moscow show attracts a large number of visitors. The event is geared towards investors of different scale. Both property analysts and ordinary citizens willing to use more reliable investment tools will be interested to attend.

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