Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show 12 - 13 October 2018
Tishinka exhibition centre
Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1,
building 1
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Moscow Overseas
Property & Investment Show
12 October 12:00 - 19:00
13 October 11:00 - 19:00
12-13 October 2018


It is for the first time that we have participated in the INVESTMENTSHOW. I would like to mention the European level of the show organization: the exhibition does not differ from similar ones in Europe. The first day was devoted to image building: acquaintance with colleagues and prospective partners as well as the market assessment. The following day, there was intense communication with customers. The target audience was active and interested!

Pierre Monville,
Managing Partner of Stone Investment (real estate in Mauritius)

The web-portal has already been functioning for eleven years. From the very beginning, we have not missed any INVESTSHOW and PROPERTYSHOW exhibitions. Due to the form of our activity, we take part in different exhibitions and work with different organizers, so we can assess this show reasonably according to numerous parameters. Membership, professional competence, management, target audience engagement - in all respects we consider this exhibition to be the best!

Kristina Inyushova,
Sales Director of PRIAN.RU (Overseas Property)

We have missed no INVESTSHOW exhibitions since 2008. This is a good platform for acquaintance with partners and for communicating with not only prospective but also regular customers. It is so nice to communicate and to present new projects face to face! Of course, we will continue to participate in the show in future!

Julia Bradou,
Real Estate Specialist of Harmony Suites (Bulgaria)

We take part in this exhibition for the first time, and it is very interesting: colleagues are well-disposed, customers are interested in. We are going to become regular participants!

Ivanna Stepaniuk,
Financial Director of IRENA ISLAS SL and TINERIFE BOAT
(real estate and business in Crimea, villas in Spain, chartered cruises)

We have already been cooperating with the Investment exhibition at the Tishinka Center for seven years. Times can be different, which anyhow influence customers' mood and possibilities, but the benefit in participating in the INVESTSHOW is obvious: attendance, interest of the target audience and partner demand are always present!

Ekaterina Andreeva,
Sales Director of CARTAL (real estate in the Czech Republic)

I represent my partner here: a Swedish developer who deals only with the real estate in Thailand.
I am not a first-timer at the INVEST&PROPERTY SHOW. I have been inviting all my partners here. The exhibition at the Tishinka Center is excellent because of its carefully selected participants. Besides, it is a well-known and popular exhibition site both among specialists and among the public!

Valentina Makeeva,
Partner of ConPro (Overseas Property)

Since 2013, we have participated in all the exhibitions organized by the Moscow Overseas Property including the Investment Show. It is both an image-building platform and an opportunity for us to find clients. As for an image-building platform, everyone is interested in so-called players constantly represented at the market! Participation in this exhibition empowers our company and passes its value!

Demokrit Tersenov,
General Director of GRECODOM (real estate in Greece and Cyprus)

We have been participating in the Exhibition for nine years. We consider the Investment Show and the Property Show to be the best real estate exhibitions in Moscow! The exhibition is growing, changing, and becoming more interesting; participation in it pays tangible dividends.

Ekaterina Brevnova,
Sales and Marketing Manager of the INVESTMENT CONSULTING GROUP

We take part in the InvestShow spring and autumn exhibitions. Therefore, for seven years we have participated in it for 14 times! A customer's budget as well as a demand focus vary: for example, now these are mostly apartments that are under the control of local housing services and not villas requesting regular owner living. Probably, these changes take place because Russians have become better at watching their money and estimating situations in which real estate remains without control for a long time. At the same time, participation in the exhibition is always efficient, and Russian investors always demonstrate their interest in Spanish real estate.

Victoria Kutuzova,
Sales Director of Mahersol (Spain)

We have participated in the Investment Exhibition of Foreign Real Estate for the fourth time. The target audience is active. We are satisfied since we see interest to our segment at the real estate market. Regardless of the customers' flow (there is some seasonal dependence: in spring people are more active), there are always people who know what they want, who come to buy and feel confident at the market (in many respects thanks to this Real Estate Exhibition at the Tishinka Center!)

Natalie Thust,
THUST IMMOBILIEN (real estate in Germany)

It is the second time that we are at the Moscow Overseas Property and Investment Show as participants. Organization management is excellent. Promotional campaign among the target audience as well as participants selection are conducted in a professional manner. We hope we will become regular participants!

Anna Minachenko,
co-owner of PANORAMA (real estate in Croatia)

We are newcomers at the Moscow Overseas Property and Investment Show. However, we are going to become its regular participants as the result has exceeded our expectations: there is an active and specific interest of Russian buyers in real estate in Bulgaria as well as partner demand!

Elena Simonovich,
Sales Manager of MILLENIUM (Bulgaria)