Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show 2 - 3 March 2018
Tishinka exhibition centre
Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1,
building 1
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Moscow Overseas
Property & Investment Show
2 March 12:00 - 19:00
3 March 11:00 - 19:00
2-3 March 2018

Visitor Profile

The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show will attract a selective audience. A general breakdown is as follows:-

  • Russian Investors
  • A selected number of specially invited Principals
  • Government and Industrial leaders
  • Researched portfolio managers
  • High-management from Moscow companies and the surrounding regions
  • Specially targeted market segments (golf, show business etc)
  • High earning individuals
  • Representatives up-market publications
  • Local Press

Advertising and Promotion of the event

Great care and attention is devoted to the advertising of the event. A careful blend of traditional and creative publicity ensures that only qualified potential clients are invited ensuring high level opportunities for our participants.

Close co-operation with many Business Organisations, Governmental Departments, high quality publications and extensive, well researched mailing lists enable us to maintain a high standard.

Essential short term reminders are sent by a concentrated e-mailing campaign and courier delivered personal invitations.

Business Potential

Moscow is the powerhouse of Russia and it is estimated that 80% of the wealth is concentrated in the city.

Business is booming in Moscow. The wealthy are amassing fortunes and continue to travel and invest extensively. The initial race to invest in anything that was available has quietened. A new breed of Russians is emerging and is now looking for professional investment opportunities around the world.

With all economic indicators showing continuing growth more Russians are finding disposable income and are looking for International investments for their personal enjoyment and for their future.

The Russian Market

As this market hardly existed prior to 1990 it has developed exceptionally fast but has not followed established, 'normal' patterns.

Excessive and highly publicised investment and purchasing in the early 90's caused a great deal of suspicion as to the legality of the funds being used.

Since the 1998 crisis Russia, especially Moscow has changed dramatically. Political stability and increased International acceptance has fuelled a substantial economic boom.

The market still does not follow traditional methods but the returns are high for forward thinking specialists who recognise the particular requirements and traditions of this market place.

Many Russians are now able to enjoy a very high lifestyle, for many this is still relatively new and they are eager to make up for lost time. Sales of all luxury goods continue to climb as the new found wealth enters the marketplace. The opportunities are vast yet require special handling to ensure long term success.